In ™FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN on 26/01/2012 at 9:11 PM

SHARED AND  QUOTED FROM MR. SANDLINS FACEBOOK PAGE  …. Keep Tony Where He Is “UPDATE ON COURT CASES…Judge Michael Caldwell denied our request for a Suspensive Appeal. His ruling of denying a new state permit remains. Steve Leblanc (attorney) expected him to do that. He is definately in the ARA’s pockets. However, the appeal will go on and Wildlife & Fisheries has promised to take no actions against me. This includes any criminal charges or seizing Tony. The NEW DESCRIMINATION LAWSUIT is underway. Judge Janice Clark has requested a $100,000.00 bond in connection with our request for a restraining order against the State. I am busy trying to find an insurance company to write it. Jennifer Treadway Morris (attorney) is trying to get the judge to lower the bond amount because it is unreasonable.”.

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