In "animal cruelty on display", "corruption", "free tony the tiger", "grosse tete", "Iberville parish", "michael sandlin", "tiger truck stop", ™FREE TONY THE TIGER CAMPAIGN, louisiana, Tony The Truck Stop Tiger on 26/01/2012 at 9:15 PM

SHARED AND  QUOTED FROM MR. SANDLINS FACEBOOK PAGE  …. Keep Tony Where He Is “UPDATE ON COURT CASES…Judge Michael Caldwell denied our request for a Suspensive Appeal. His ruling of denying a new state permit remains. Steve Leblanc (attorney) expected him to do that. He is definately in the ARA’s pockets. However, the appeal will go on and Wildlife & Fisheries has promised to take no actions against me. This includes any criminal charges or seizing Tony. The NEW DESCRIMINATION LAWSUIT is underway. Judge Janice Clark has requested a $100,000.00 bond in connection with our request for a restraining order against the State. I am busy trying to find an insurance company to write it. Jennifer Treadway Morris (attorney) is trying to get the judge to lower the bond amount because it is unreasonable.”.

  1. Mr. Sandlin
    You really thing that a wild animal enjoys being in a small cage surrounded by gas fumes and rotten food! Remember cats have great noses! This animal deserves to live out the rest of his life as wild an animal as he can in a big cat santuary. Selfish people like you get it in the end. The USA must get tougher laws aginst bozos that choose to keep exotic and wild animals. I live in Florida and now the everglades is a new home to pythons, constrictors and other poisonous snakes dropped off here. More than anything I am an advocate against tougher laws. Do the right thing sir and give Tony the life he deserves and maybe if you become a better restaurant on your merit you won’t need a gimmick like poor Tony!

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