Legal battle continues for Tony the Tiger

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, New Haven Animal Advocacy Examiner

Tony the tiger is a Siberian-Bengal mix that is at the center of an animal advocacy battle between the owner, who wants to continue using the animal as a tourist attraction at a Louisiana truck stop, and advocates, who are fighting to have Tony relocated to an appropriate sanctuary. Last year Louisiana’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and a federal judge ruled in favor of Tony by revoking the owner’s permit to keep the animal and making Tony’s relocation to a more suitable home a reality beginning the first of the New Year.

Unfortunately, a lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of the owner where this battle will now look at the constitutionality of the earlier decision. So instead of focusing on the well-being of Tony, this matter is going to be tied up with legal jargon and red tape. If the owner wins, he will not be allowed to own any other exotic animals but Tony will be stuck at the truck stop for the rest of his life.

This is such a tragic story. If Tony was a human child there would be no controversy. The well-being of the child would be the only focus. Sadly, animals are still considered property and the decision to file this lawsuit is nothing less than a blood-sucking egotistical lawyer looking for a win. The well-being of Tony is being completely ignored!

That is why we must not stop providing a voice for Tony. Please take a moment to email or write the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (click here for contact information) and ask that they fight for Tony’s rights and well-being. Animal lovers and advocates brought this matter to light and we must not allow Tony’s hope for sanctuary to fade away.


New Haven Animal Advocacy Examiner

Carol Ann Swan has always been passionate about animals. She earned a master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Environmental…


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