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>Tiger Truck Stop Court Case 2008

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>Remember Tony During Louisiana Week For The Animals

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Louisiana Governor Jindal has proclaimed March 19 – 27th 2011 as The Third Annual Louisiana Week For The Animals. There has been an ongoing action for Tony directed at Governor Jindal asking him to address Tony’s situation. Please make a point of contacting the Governor during this week about Tony; it’s especially important for Louisiana residents to advocate on Tony’s behalf. Please keep your correspondence on point and respectful – while we all are passionate about Tony’s situation, composed and courteous letters, phone calls, etc. have a better chance of being taken seriously. Contact information for the Governor:
1. Call the Governor’s office:
Fax: 1-225-342-7099
2. Postal letters can be sent to:
Governor Bobby Jindal
Office of The Governor
P. O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
4. Follow Tony on Twitter!/TRUCKSTOPTIGER and tweet this petition at Bobby Jindal:
RT @TRUCKSTOPTIGER: Plz RT 2 Sign: Petition @BobbyJindal To Help Tony #Tiger @ #Louisiana #Truck Stop  #TRUCKSTOPTIGER
Direct link to petition: #TRUCKSTOPTIGER  You can reference the text of the petition for your letters to the Governor as well.
The 3rd Annual Louisiana Week For The Animals includes events state-wide that celebrate our relationship with animals and also raise awareness to help animals.
“Throughout the week, shelters, rescue groups, and humane organizations across the state will be hosting exciting and life-changing animal-related special events. Educators, students, businesses and caring citizens across Louisiana will be joining in planning fun-filled activities to celebrate and help the animals.
Events will include adoption fairs, spay/neuter awareness events, shelter days, educational displays/programs in libraries, awareness building activities for farm animals and therapy dogs visiting hospitals and nursing homes.
Also to be included are a salute to our canine military and police dogs, feral cat initiatives, animal law events, special educational programs, blessings for the animals, and full-filled festival days for families to come and enjoy food, music and the amazing animals!”

Letter to Bobby Jindal for Tony

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Relocate Tony, a 10 year old tiger used as a roadside attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana, to an accredited big cat sanctuary.


Governor Jindal
On your website you state: “I’m asking you to once again believe in Louisiana.” Many people would truly take your statement to heart if you took positive action in regard to a serious animal welfare issue in Louisiana.

I respectfully request you investigate the issue of a tiger named Tony used as a roadside attraction for all of his 10 years at Tiger Truck Stop I-10, Exit 139 / 76740 Garner Lane Grosse Tete, Louisiana 70740. Tony’s health, welfare and life are of great concern to people all over the world.

On November 22, 2010 The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was petitioned by The Animal Legal Defense Fund who presented a very strong case on behalf of Tony. Included were expert statements testifying to the detrimental effects physically and mentally to Tony by keeping him at the truck stop. Legal issues, such as Tony being illegally owned per the 1993 Iberville Parish ordinance, were addressed as well. Over 40,000 people signed a World Society For The Protection of Animals petition against the permit renewal. On December 2, 2010 a Louisiana resident pleaded Tony’s case, supported by legal facts, to the LDWF Board of Commissioners but her appeal was disregarded. Accredited big cat sanctuary Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida has been involved and supportive of Tony’s release, even offering a permanent home to him at their sanctuary.

Despite people worldwide objecting to the permit renewal to Tony’s owner Mr. Michael Sandlin, and the support of such organizations as Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL, The Animal Legal Defense Fund, and The World Society for the Protection of Animals – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries renewed their permit on December 14, 2010, allowing Mr. Sandlin to keep and display Tony.

Tony is 10 years old, captive tigers can live 15-20 years with quality care – we can only wonder how many years Tony has left after living in the detrimental environment he has been in for a decade.

Tony needs to be relocated to an accredited big cat sanctuary where he will receive professional care, a natural habitat, medical care, a proper diet, enrichment and the respect and peace he deserves. Tigers are not gimmicks, props or attractions. Tony represents one of thousands of privately owned tigers in the United States whose numbers are greater than tigers in the wild.

>Tony the Tiger

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>Truck Stop Tiger Not Seen on CNN

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>Tony the Tiger_0001.wmv

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>Poor Tiger kept in a small cage at a Louisiana gas station

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>Tony "The Truck Stop" Tiger – Revisited

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>Help FREE Tony the Tiger!

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>Tigers in the U.S.

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