>October 2010 Posts For Tony On The Web « Free Tony The Tiger

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>October 2010 Posts For Tony On The Web « Free Tony The Tiger

From Big Cat Rescue of Tampa FL “Tony Truck Stop Tiger Permit Renewal”
Tony’s video and petition were both included in Big Cat Rescue ‘s October 2010 AdvoCat Newsletter under “Some Grrrreat Videos to Share & Enjoy”
On October 2 2010 BCR uploaded their new video for Tony titled “Tony The Truck Stop Tiger:Update”
Thanks BCR for your continued support of Tony and for the awesome new video.
From Jeff Dorson Exec. Director of The Humane Society of LouisianaSupport from the HS of LA for Tony
From World Animal DayThe 2010 Event Report pages are now under construction but for a preview see the link where Tony’s petiton blitz for WAD is included. World Animal Day is a special day to commemorate the respect and love we have for animals and also to bring attention to the importance of animals in the world.
From Tiny Green Bubble“Truck Stop Tiger Will Break Your Heart” DiCaprio tweeted this story:@TinyGreenBubble Thx for sharing. Tragic to see big cats in captivity – an important story to retweet: #savetigersnow 7:59 PM Oct 15th via webSee:
From Our Compass“Hey, Louisiana, don’t you think it’s about time you finally SET TONY FREE!?!”
From Ask TheTruckerRecent Pictures of Tony – Courtesy of Ask The Trucker
From Ace Bourke“Tasmania, Jon Lewis, Mari Nawi, Ocean, Fresh Water & Rivers, China, Tony The Tiger, George Adamson”Mr. Bourke included Tony again in his blog post and referenced Big Cat Rescue’s new video for Tony and his WordPress blog
From Donna Bryant“Tony”
From The Shreveport Times“Cynthia Keith: Louisiana truck stop exploiting Tony the tiger”


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